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Electric Spindles

Internal grinding electric spindles

RNS Series - RHP Series
Grinding Electric Spindles are really compact and guarantees high performance with low vibration and temperature.
Grease lubrication
Mounting on turret machine
Cooling through rotating components
HSK attack
Speed Sensor '
Self-balancing system
Grinding machine automatic gear

External grinding electric spindles

RHT Series
Head spindle is the fulcrum around which the grinding process rotates. It forms a spindle, in which is necessary to combine a very gentle rotation with high precision motor. It needs a high torque motor.
Self-balancing system
Morse taper assembled on ball bearings. Lubricated with grease and oil mist

ROG series
Although the speeds are lower, the establishment of an effective external grinding has an equal difficulty to the interior one. A smart combination of a very stiff bearing and motors with low heat generation has made possible the realization of these spindles, allowing the impressive improvements in machine performance and reduction of the masses.
Body part
Integrated self-balancing system
HSK attack
Grinderat both ends of the rotating part
Automatic gearbox wheel

Milling electric spindles

Compact spindle
The Compact series is bearing structured to optimize a better stiffness and better performance in terms of duration, with permanent grease lubrication, liquid cooling engine, coolant internal or external circulating system, high efficiency motors, complete with thermal probes, attack tools running SK40, ANSI40, BT40, HSK A / E 63, tool changer with pneumatic or hydraulic integrated cylinder, angular position and speed control.
Central refrigeration and / or mounting flange machine
Control sensor about tool changer position
Monitoring sensor for impact / duration / broken tool

Fast Series
High speed electric spindle with internal coolant circulation with high torque/power.

Tin Series
High speed electric spindle with external coolant circulation with high torque/power.

Modul Series
Designed to enable the front of the spindle to be replaced quickly without dismantling the complete spindle unit. This avoids having to disconnect any of the motor, hydraulic or pneumatic systems. Maintenance work is simplified with subsequent savings in machine down time.

Tilt Series
The compact size allows the motorized cartridge to be removed from the spindle bracket. This simplifies the procedure when spindle maintenance is required.

Note. All technical data of our electric spindles and spindles are available in the relevant technical documentation.

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